junho 08, 2004

The international government drops tears of sadness


The sliced flesh slowly drops tears of blood infecting the cursed ground for the eternal fear of the only one, the dumb controled by the beast who is rulling the terror arround the globe, hungry for black liquid, the same liquid that moves and creates the energy for the misery and poverty.

This dumb one hears a voice inside his head and thinks that is GOD who is talking with him, but he don't know that this GOD is the winged beast, the same beast that is hungry for blood, for flesh, for pain, for misery, for fear, for suffering, for screams of desperation, and his puppet is doing a very good job in this polluted world, polluted by the evil.

The blood will be always dropping in the same place... in the forehead of the white souless politician!

Ps: Isso é que dá ficar ouvindo raimundos!


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